Summer 2012 – Four Paws Kingdom, North Carolina

The next stop on our summer adventure took us to Four Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordom, NC.  This is the only campground in the country that exclusively caters to adult guests and their canine companions.  Click here to see the campground’s website.  We had great fun hiking to the different dogs parks each day and the fur faces loved swimming in the pond and creek, too.  One day, Claire and Bobbi took an introduction to agility class.  Bobbi loved it and Claire participated when she wasn’t scanning the area for birds and rabbits.  The only one that was reprimanded for a poor performance was Bobbi when she wasn’t monitoring Claire properly on her side of the A-frame beam walk.  Claire jumped off from the top which she thought was a piece of cake.  We had a terrific time and hope to visit again when the temperature is much cooler.

FourPawsPondChecking out the pond FourPawsGazeboMom and Dad prefer to sit in the gazebo!
FourPawsClaire_NC_poolClaire is chilling in the pool! FourPawsRocky_NC_poolRocky wonders if this doggie pool is big enough for him? Where is the pond?
 FourPawsBirdsInTreeTime to look for birds.  FourPawsBirdsInTree2Claire will not move till she has that bird!
FourPawsBirdsInTree3Will Rocky find one first?  FourPawsLookingAtRabbitsBored with birds and on to rabbits!
 FourPawsLookingAtRabbits2Teamwork works best when hunting rabbits.  FourPawsAgiltyTrainingThe agility field…Bobbi and Claire are in there somewhere!
 FourPawsDogBathRocky and Claire visited this place before leaving Four Paws Kingdom!  FourPawsBathroomHave you ever referred to a bathroom as cute? Well…this one was!
 ChimineyRockA day trip leads us to Chimney Rock in the town of Lake Lure, NC.  ChimneyRock2We climbed up into the rock overhang.
 ChimneyRock3Beautiful view of Lake Lure below.

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