Installation of Sirius XM Antenna

I installed an auxiliary Sirius XM Antenna because the radio does not work well when the camper is on.

I put the antenna on the bike carrier I have on the front of the truck. (click on the pictures for larger versions)


I routed the wire through the engine compartment and secured it with tie wraps. As I did this late in the evening, I did not trim all of them down. I need to go back and take care of that.


Green arrows highlight where the cable is.


The wire is tucked in where the arrows are at


I pulled back the rubber seal and tucked the wire around the frame to get it inside the passenger compartment


Grab the panel below the glove box and pull it toward the back of the truck to get it open.


The yellow connector above is clipped to the wall. The picture above shows you exactly where you will find it.

You will need a small screwdriver to pop it loose. There is a clip that stays in the wall that has two small arms that hold it. Pry open one of the arms and you will be able to pop it out. The yellow box will open in half – with one half which has the wire that goes to the existing roof antenna, the other half goes to the radio. Remove the yellow cover from around the wire going to the radio, then pop the cover back together and clip it back to the wall. Take the wire going to the radio and connect it to your new antenna. Push the kick plate back in place and enjoy the reception on your radio!

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