Cool Toy!

Our dear friend Jane recently gifted Mattie the greatest toy ever!  It is called Hide a Squirrel by Outward Hound.  It gives a dog the fun task of pulling all of the six squeaky squirrels out from the plush log.  Upon receiving the gift, Mattie read the tag of the toy and decided the purpose of this toy is literally to hide the squirrels.  If the front door is left open, she will sneak the squirrels outside to bury them. On the very first day of play, three of the six squirrels disappeared.  Bobbi found Mattie moving one dirty squirrel she’d dug back up.  The next missing squirrel was found by Bobbi when she sifted through a fresh mound of dirt in the woods.  To this day, one squirrel is still missing.  Mattie is kind and shares her toy with Trooper.   After dinner every night, he will go bark at the squirrel log which is kept on the shelf.  He generally ends up bringing the squirrels to us to throw in place of his usual ball. 

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