Daily Walks

Each day, we take walks up the driveway, to the field, and back through the woods to home.  If we run enough, we’ll take a nice nap.  Today, our toy pheasant took a nap with us!





Kitchen Snacks

Since retirement, Bobbi has been experimenting with some new recipes in the kitchen. Guess who seems to always be on hand as official taste testers?

Official Taste Testers

NH Summer Adventure

This summer, we had a huge camping adventure. We traveled to New Hampshire to visit Bobbi’s sister and her family. The dogs had a blast chasing balls with their cousin Cooper and splashing around in the lake. The best part for Bobbi was trying out the kayak. Trooper didn’t love it and wanted to get back to chasing balls. On the other hand, Mattie loved the experience! She was very calm and took in the scenery. We can’t wait to kayak again!

Trooper and Bobbi
Mattie and Bobbi

Camp Fun

In June, Mattie and Trooper were able to visit their favorite camp, No Place Like Home, while Bobbi and Charlie attended an academic competition in Washington, D.C. Looks like everyone had a terrific vacation!

Digger 1 and Digger 2

One of our favorite activities is hunting.  We may hunt a chipmunk hiding in the firewood pile, a squirrel we see up in the tree, or some other little critter which has burrowed down into the ground.  Can you tell what kind of hunting we were doing today?  Don’t forget to click on the pictures to see us up close. Thanks!

We both posed for closeups after our baths.  Aren’t we cute?


Snow Days!

Yes, it snows every now and then in Georgia!  Today, Mattie and Trooper gladly tag along for a hike to check out the road conditions.  Back at the house, Mattie tries to catch a snowflake!

Catching Up

Hello, friends!  We’ve been busy and having fun in Georgia.  We thought it was high time to update our website.  Here are some photos of camping trips from October and November.  Boy do we love camping!

Cousin Alphie

Last month, we dog-sat Cousin Alphonse (a.k.a. Alphie) over a long weekend while his family was away.  He had a great time playing with Mattie and Trooper.  Alphie and Trooper took a long nap one afternoon…on Bobbi’s lap!  Yes, Alphie is a pit bull.  He has incredible strength but is a big ole’ love bug, especially with his new baby brother. 

Ducks, Squirrels, and Cats Oh My!

Mattie and Trooper are brittany spaniels.  These fur faces are known as bird dogs.  While birds are their specialty, they certainly don’t turn their backs on the opportunity to stalk a chipmunk, squirrel, cat, mouse, butterfly, or any other delightful creature out there.  In the camper photo, both spotted a cat last weekend while we were camping at High Falls State Park.  The close up photo of Mattie was taken hours later.  She was sitting in Bobbi’s lap but her attention was 100% on the area where she spotted the cat that morning.  When hiking around Black Rock Mountain Lake earlier this summer, Trooper and Mattie came across the ducks on the rock.  Those birds were not flustered at all by the presence of the kiddos!  Of course, those ducks can read….notice the sign to the right of the dogs!