Summer 2017

Hello, friends and family!  We were able to get in a wonderful camping trip at the end of June this year.  The weather at Black Rock Mountain State Park was just perfect.  We took many hikes all over the mountain.  One of our favorites led us to a rocky overlook.  This may be our Christmas photo card for the year!

Trooper and Mattie take in the scenery!

Lazy Weekend

One of our favorite pastimes on cold, wintry days is finding sunny spots for naps.  Charlie captured a picture of Mattie this morning enjoying a rest in the sunshine.

Christmas Break Camping

We had a great time camping during the Christmas break.  Our latest adventure took us to Richard B. Russell State Park.  A day of hiking led us to an abandoned bridge.  We had fun exploring and napping after a day of fun.

Gathering of Cousins

Yesterday we gathered our family to celebrate my nephew’s birthday.  We were surprised to find everyone joined us in bringing along their fur babies for the fun!  From left to right we have Florence the Australian shepherd, Mattie and Trooper the brittany spaniels, Latte the long-haired chihuahua, and Alphonse the pit bull.  Everyone slept well that night after playing chase, swimming, and fetching balls.  Thanks to my photographer sister for the terrific photograph!  Check out Christy’s other work at Digital Memories by Christy


Our Family Fidos

Summer Days at Home

Summer days at home can be quite fun!  Mattie enjoys stealing Trooper’s ball just to irritate him.  She doesn’t like playing with the ball at all.  You can see how happy Trooper looks about the situation in this picture.  Trooper plays with the rawhide rather than chewing it.  Mattie cools off in the muddy creek and  follows it up with a shower!  We hope your summer days are filled with smiles, too!

We Give Thanks…


We give thanks for camping trips with our humans, swimming opportunities, great hikes, the woodland creatures sharing their campfire, naps in the warm sun, tennis balls, stuffed squeaky toys, squirrels, birds, and all the fun things that happened during our Thanksgiving week this year.  (click on thumbnails to see the entire photographs)

Let’s Go For a Ride!

There is nothing more fun than jumping in the car and going on adventures!  While cleaning out the Jeep over the weekend, Trooper and Mattie hopped in and were ready to go!


Start the engine!